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Do you want to improve your physical condition? Or maybe you’re just getting started? Come get tested and we’ll make you a tailor-made program!

Located in Waterloo, Ultilab is a center that specializes in the analysis of sports performance. Utilab is a tool for both for the seasoned athlete as well as for beginners looking for advice, and a well-defined training plan.

For your comfort, the lab is equipped with a shower and toilet.

The lab is made-up of several sectors

What we can offer

The Performance Test sector

Used to evaluate your athletic performance in order to plan targeted training programs. It is intended for runners, trail runners, triathletes or any other athlete wishing to test his or her physical condition. Thanks to our measurements, we define various personalized zones of intensity and schedule targeted trainings.

This test cannot be used to exclude a cardiac pathology. To do so, please contact your cardiologist.


  • The analysis of walking and running gaits can highlight movement errors. These errors can be linked to the shape of your feet, to your running-technique or even to your type of shoe.
  • Podiatry can help cure multiple pathologies (foot, knee, pelvis and back)
  • The examination and analysis of shoesand especially running shoes.


Le pôle kinésithérapie d’Ultilab vous propose différents traitements de kinésithérapie :

  • Sports-oriented (tendonitis, bursitis, sprain, muscle injury, …)
  • Postoperative orthopedic
  • Cardiopulmonaryrehabilitation

Our material: shock wave therapy (SwissDolorClast), electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, use of treadmill, kinesiotape, hooks, etc…


In the context of the lab, osteopathy is aimed primarily at the treatment of athletes who, depending on the sport and the frequency of training, have had to put their bodies to the test. The treatment will aim to lift tensions and restore the functional balance of the body depending on the sport practiced. This treatment is both curativeand preventive.

Who’s who

Thierry De Cremer
Thierry De CremerPhysiotherapist and Osteopath D.O
  • Physiotherapist (Parnasse 2000)
  • Osteopath D.O (SCOM 2010)

I have been a professional athlete :

  • Soccer: RJ Wavre
  • Tennis: different tournaments
  • Rugby: ASUB Waterloo

And I am a passionate amateur sportsman.

The idea of creating this lab came to me in my private practice; how to train effectively and in a targeted way?

Through this center, I would like to meet the needs of many athletes who, sooner or later, need support in order to continue their progress and reach new goals. A person’s physical state should regularly be monitored in order to offer care that is adapted to their specific injuries and needs.


Performance Test Specific trail VMA test Maximal Lactate Steady State test Time Limit Test





10% off your 2nd test if performed within 8 months of the first



Avenue des Nations Unies, 38
1410 Waterloo

Contact us

Mail: info@ultilab.be

  • General: 0474 83 63 36
  • Podiatry: 0476 26 75 03

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